That’s one crazy question, isn’t it?

As if you would have a pair in your closet, right? You probably don’t and we’re speaking about your mythical wings. Yes I hear you thinking, my mythical wings…? Wtf, I’m not a mythical being am I…?

But in fact, You are….! You are not what you think you are..

You are not your body but you express yourself through your body… Do you see how powerful that one sentence is? You express your self through your body..


Neither are you your mind, you can set your mind to something, so you cannot be the mind.

Do you fully understand and comprehend these 2 sentences?

You are not your body, You express your self through your body
You are not the mind, You can set your mind to something

If you’re not your body and you’re not your mind, than you must be your spirit, right..?


You are not your spirit either, you can have the spirit to do something or you can be inspired, so you can’t be the spirit either… But what are you then…, right?

You are LIFE it self…., You are a blissful piece of everything that is LIFE…

Life is a God-given creation, it’s love in the purest form.

You are Life itself, you are love in its purest form which is expressed through your body, in any form and shape.

Without You, being life itself consciously connected to your body, nothing will function properly.

But with You being fully consciously connected to your body, you do have the ability to f.l.y… To first love yourself. If you don’t know who and what you are, there is literally no way you’re fully able to love yourself first.

Your wings are formed by the amount you are truly loving your self, as in becoming a being vibrating wholly as one in both matter and non matter.

Life, which you are, and love, which you are, are both energy, non matter..

Energy cannot be destroyed, demolished or disintegrated, energy can only transform because its vibration transforms, either to a lower or higher frequency, it goes both ways.

Matter by itself has a low vibration, the lower the vibration, the denser something becomes but is in essence still energy, the better we are aware of it in this 3 dimensional reality.

Matter is not created or changed by the same matter vibrating on the same frequency, matter is created by non matter in essence, becoming matter in physical awareness because it materialized into being.

If something matters, it’s non matter becoming matter.

Focus, care and attention to non matter will make it matter and in time non matter will materialize itself in this reality, no matter what it is.

Positively or negatively depending your own perception of positive or negative, false or good. The question is; is that what you want…?

You might say YES here, but think! Don’t fall to easy for the first trap. Do you truly want everything that matters become into being? Believe me, you don’t…

Because there is a difference between focus, care and attention and loving focus, loving care and loving attention. Both will make the non matter object to become matter and materialize over time, wether you are conscious about it or not.

But there is something you have to know:

Energy vibrates and the faster it vibrates, the higher the frequency.

The higher the frequency that is put to effort the (non)matter, the faster your wholly energy starts to vibrate on a higher frequency too. This frequency will help you attract everything you desire, no matter what…

Both Life (which is Ultimate Consciousness) & Love are are vibrating on the highest frequencies by itself, they aren’t matter.

They only become matter when there is a loving focus, a loving care and a loving attention to the proces of materialization of life. Which is in this case; a pregnancy.

In the physical realm, this reality, a pregnancy is life in creation fed by loving focus, care and attention. Being pregnant, means actually; full of significant meaning.

Full of significant meaning. How beautiful is that?

Have you ever stood still by the fact; that You & your created body of matter are the significant meaning of life…?

That You are the life created and fed by loving focus, care and attention, you are loved because you are life it self, you live because you are love.

Love only creates life or makes non matter materialize. Love is the pushing, pulsing, vibrating, always moving forward and always growing energy that has to ability to materialize Life through matter.

And You are both, you are Love and your Life is materialized through matter by Love. You are loved because you are Love itself…, in essence you are the highest possible frequency, but you are connected to something dense, you are connected to matter to be able to move in this reality.

Here’s the glitch…

If you have forgotten who you are, you might have been drowned into this dense reality thinking you are your body. Which you are obviously not.

Thinking you are your body, you will start automatically to vibrate on a lower frequency.

Simply because you’ve rejected being in charge of your life and by doing so, you have actually given all power of your life to everything that is not you. Let this sink in…

Now, it’s time for a change…. You have to get the power over your Life back…! It’s not only your purpose and what you deserve. It’s your duty too.

Knowing and comprehending what you are gives you an immediate responsibility to (learn to) vibrate on the highest frequency.

To learn how to First Love Yourself, learning how to F.L.Y….

Especially when you desire a life full of abundance, unconditional love, prosperity, wealth, health, joy & full-blown happiness, you can’t keep on vibrating on lower frequencies.

Because like (energy) attracts alike (energy). If you don’t align the vibration of your body to your self, the life and love energy you are which is the highest frequency, you will never attract everything that exists at that frequency either.

Basically, you’ve given away your mythical wings….!

Don’t you want them back…? Don’t you want to Fly and soar high in your life…?

I can show you the way to find back your wings and help you learn to F.L.Y. again. Take my hand and push the button below! You won’t regret it, I promise!

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