Follow Friday story… Did you know that the name of this day was established by the Roman Emperor Constantine and is derived from Frigga..? 

Norse Goddess Frigga is also known as Freya. Frigga is the highest ranking of the Norse goddess’s, and the Queen of Asgard.

She is the wife of the Norse god Odin, known to be one of the most powerful of the Norse gods.  Frigga was the only one that was permitted to sit in the high seat other than her husband Odin.

She is a goddess of beauty, love, marriage, childbirth, motherhood, wisdom, household management, and of weaving and spinning.

She will bestow blessings on your love life, be it your marriage, or other personal relationship. She also brings beauty to those to seek it. Beauty comes in many forms.

Outward beauty is physical, and is a reflection of how you physically appear to other people, but inward beauty is the beauty which is to be most treasured – the beauty that comes from within is how people see you as a whole person.

Frigga is also known as the goddess of fertility, and some choose to invoke Frigga for her blessing to be bestowed with children. She is a goddess of household management and will help you organize and take care of your home.

Frigga is a sky goddess, which is one of the places her association with weaving comes from. She was responsible for weaving clouds and threads of fate (also known as Wyrd in the Nordic tradition), creating sunshine and rain, which allowed the crops to be fertile.

This goddess is one of the Winter Solstice Goddesses, happy to help you in many area’s of your life, if you let her and open yourself up to her energy and honor the goddess within yourself….

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