We all know we’re much stronger than we know we are, don’t we..?

But do you know how to get in touch with your own infinite power and how to harness it in order to manifest your wildest desires and the life that you truly deserve..?

You are at the brink of your possibilities..!


What if I could show you the way, how to get in touch with & help you to harness your own infinite power & possibilities..?

Hi, my name is Hill and I am a single mom & entrepreneur by heart and mind as well as I am the founder, creator and owner of My Little Secret Business Bible.


Born being a second child, by an emergency c-section, being too early and too small and I observed life the first 4 weeks from an incubator. Growing up being the eldest living child and a captain’s daughter, half of my youth was far from average. At that time it was kind of normal for a professional shipping captain to bring his family on board for an extended period of time. In our case we would be about 6 months of the year on board.


The other half of my youth I spend more or less in gym’s and aerobic studio’s, perfecting my routines and increasing my gymnastic & aerobic skills and competing in sports competitions beside school, study and work.

I was born fighting to survive and with a zest for life, I’ve always accelerated in things where I put my head and heart to (head-strong & heart first).

Many of the things I accelerated in, I was literally head over heels in love with and they unleashed my passion into a burning desire. I’d ran out of my bed already being busy with what I wanted to achieve, nothing could come in between. I always could see and feel the end result I had in mind and anything else wasn’t good enough.

Being like this made me, among others, end up;



# in national competitions, positioned in the top 5 in 2 different sports,


# having my own dance company and performing in front of over 20.000 people with my dancers,


# bringing a new innovative product to market; glow in the dark piercing jewelry,

# created a large consumer exhibition and planned to rent the entire JaarBeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands, 


# being a full partner in 2 companies in project finance with whom I successfully delivered 100MIO+ credit equity lines


# having a 100% success score inviting successful people for Meet The Giants, our online marketing program in which I had a 33% stake.

If I had to learn a new skill or just didn’t know anything I should, I’d educate myself until I knew all ins and outs and understood precisely what I was talking about, as if I had wings.


Just to say, I either ended up being the best, the first or the fastest.


Till at some point I started to question myself; why could I do this pretty simple and fairly easily. In my mind I only did the things I really liked to do, and I still do, but doing so isn’t the average or normal perceived way as I found out.


Anyway, long story short, I went to Miami Florida and studied a couple of years with Bob Proctor, learned a lot from Les Brown, got acquainted with Joe Vitale and many others. I found out about my big why..

I had something in mind and did what I had to do to succeed and just did it.

I became a Certified Life Success Consultant with Bob Proctor and I am licensed to teach all his programs. From Born Rich to the Goal Achiever and from the Success Puzzle to Think & Grow Rich.


Personally I think these are still absolutely great training programs and will give you deep inside in the human mind, behavior and psychology of paradigms and how to change them. Organizing MasterMind Groups was a steady habit and led to many great experiences and longterm befriended business relations and friends.

Let's talk about you..!

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed while you’re kind of running around in your own circles, not really going anywhere and are you repeatedly thinking that your life and/or business is really nowhere near where you had in mind where you would be?

Would your total time-count, spent on Facebook or any other social media outlet, make you happy and smile if it was paid to you in a sound hard cash payment, covered check, invoice or bonus..???


Instead of all these countless hours scrolling while thinking “What in heaven’s name am I looking at”, while you’re posting a ton of advertorial into your social media cyberspace and waiting for responses of potential clients but nothing truly ever happens, besides that your mood increasingly decreases to point zero?


It’s not that you’re not motivated, able or willing to learn something new, because you signed up for, attended and watched an extensive and colorful diversity of webinar, web-summits, online classes, copywriting courses, facebook lives, youtube vids, grabbing bits and pieces here and there, hoping you could put it together into a business model that works seaming-less.


But it didn’t turn out that way and it’s making you feel debilitated and disabled. Overall it’s making you feel small, frustrated and sick and tired of it and you’re looking for an effective way to reach your infinite power & thereby your fullest potential, beside to create a bulging wallet and increasing bank account, or am I wrong here..?


What if I could help you change this the other way around?


So your business will finally blossom and come to fruition instead of withering away and you being frustrated about it.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that and eventually I found a way that got me in touch with my own infinite power and learned the ability to harness it in such way that I can deliberately create & manifest as if it was like grabbing a cooky from the cooky jar on the kitchen counter..


The last 3 years I have spent on and off, a good part of my precious time on creating, developing testing and fine-tuning my own techniques, strategies, profiling skills and have tied the together into an effective and affordable coaching programs for both mastermind & coaching groups as also 1-on-1 coaching.

Especially for You! Take it away, honey 🙂

It’s based upon my own education; my life and business experiences; my gained practical knowledge and wisdom; my immaculate successes and disastrous failures…


I can show you the way to get what you want but still not have reached or achieved.


Personal & business coaching sessions with me help you accelerate (in building) your business on- & offline, get you back on your feet and on track, to create a happy healthy life(style), gain more value in your personal life and business & increase your money flow, feeling more secure, help you overcome fear and blockages & to prevent a burnout or to rid of them soon.



This special and exclusive year long MasterMind Group will be focused on women who want to start, build, develop and expand their business, pick up their mythical wings, get their life back and bring it to a higher plane of existence..


The F.L.Y. MasterMind Group gets together bi-weekly and is held in our online Sacred Safe Space, where you can grow limitless and where you find support, friends, soundboards etc.


The first month, december 2018, is totally free and without any charge. Get Bullet proof ready for 2019 & apply now, we start monday december 3rd 2018.