Dear You…,

Welcome to My Little Secret Business Bible, the on and offline business, coaching, events & network platform every female entrepreneur and mompreneur needs to build a successful business on and/or off line.

Being a woman, a (single) mom & a successful and also less successful entrepreneur over the years, I’ve found many things that led me to start My Little Secret Business Bible.

Because there are some real essentials when it comes to building a successful business, either on or off line. There are some things you really want to have in your reach!

One of them is to have a supportive network of like minded souls, who keep you accountable, or to have a MasterMind Group. But likewise it’s just as important to learn how to build i.e. sales funnels or how to get your internet and attraction marketing properly set up without burning money you haven’t earned yet.

My goal was to start a network of goal driven and supportive women who are interested and eager to build a successful online business no matter where they find themselves in life.

You just found great place for you to start your online business adventure, where you can learn, earn and grow your brand and business, even when you’re dead broke and starting from scratch, like I did after my burnout and divorce.

Sometimes you just need to find the right tribe that give you the feeling that you can do it too! You can do this as we do it too! And if you like to have a little magic in your business & life coming around so you can fly, then just don’t wait any longer and sign up to our MasterMind Group, we’re starting shortly!